The Pioneer Spirit

I remember I used to live in the apartments located in the Jensen building, my mother would take me shopping to Pioneer market. We would walk the aisles up and down looking for whatever we needed. I would love riding the quarter machines outside.
I also remember those brown paper bags I would cover my books with. All this hapenned 1984-90, I was 9 yrs. old; now I'm 30 and have moved to Hollywood. Every Saturday I take my kids to Echo Park and share with them my stories about Pioneer. Now a Walgreens stands there, when I go inside I can still feel the Pioneer spirit, it's amazing how Pioneer still lives in me.
                                                                                    Frank Olano, Hollywood, CA
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  1. K Hollywood
    K Hollywood says:

    It says the building was built in the late 1980s the one that was built to replace the old one? Also year was it demolished and was it demolished because damage or updating. I just want to know I have an archive of amazing pictures I have collected for years. I can't find any other in between pics of the pioneer building however I do have a black and white of a Pioneer market that was said to be there but looks much cleaner and streamlined than this one, Do you know about that structure. I am a Hollywood researcher trying my hardest to be a full on historian but it is a lot of work and reading and public record digging. I was born at Cedars of Lebanon in East Hollywood and raised 2 blocks down Alexandria ave. I live on Ambrose and Vermont now I could never leave here. But the pic of the Pioneer I have is in mint condition and very clean and bright just beautiful.


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