Sharing Echo Park memories and photos at the Lotus Festival

 Logan Elementary circa 1970. Photo courtesy Eddie Barajas

EPHS volunteers have been busy at this weekend’s Lotus Festival, where our booth and its display of historic photographs and info have attracted a lot of attention. Many newcomers have come by to learn about Echo Park history while many long time and former residents have also stopped to talk about what the neighborhood was like back in their day. In fact, one resident, Eddie Barajas, returned to share a photo taken of Logan Elementary School around 1970  shortly before the building at Logan and Montana streets was torn down and replaced with a new structure.

The photo shows his sister and brother posed by the street sign. Barajas, who has lived in Echo Park for about 50 years, said he remembers that the Logan playground was shut down one time for  the filming of Adam-12.  Thanks for the photo and memories, Eddie!

The booth will remain open until 6 pm today, Sunday, July 13, for the remainder of the Lotus Festival.

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  1. Bob Benton
    Bob Benton says:

    I attended Logan Street School from Sept. 1946 through June 1953. My first day there was in the old building Kindergarten class just up the stairs at the close corner of the building as shown in the photo. Beginning with the first grade all the remaining classes through sixth grade were in the "new" building. However even though the top floor of the old building was no longer used for classes,(it was a wooden fire trap) the cafeteria on the main floor was still in use and in the basement a room was used for music instruction (I took trumpet lessons which did not work well)and other miscellaneous purposes. I've been looking for a photo of this old building for a long time and so I want to thank all for sharing this one. It truly brings back a lot of memories. Bob Benton "class of summer 1953"

  2. Elena
    Elena says:

    Hi Bob, I was in the Kindergarten class of Miss Popovski. Do u remember any names of your teachers? Mrs Heimer was principal. I recall the smells of the cafeteria, the wooden floor and even the cleaning agents' lingering aromas. I was there for K and part of 1st grade, circa '51-'53.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    For anybody who listened to ; K R O Q ,Radio station with DJ's Kevin & Bean in the mornings, You might remember a Frequent early morning Caller as " The G-Man, the guy who lives in a Tent, Who spoke to the D J's about his current misadventures, live on the air. He presented some of the acts on many of the Almost Acoustic Christmas Concert's circa 1998 – 2007. that's him in Brown Pant's He recently passed away . .R.I.P. Gilbert


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