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Our Lady of Loretto Alum Starts Website

Gerry Gallagher, a 1968 graduate now living in Scotland, has started a website for Our Lady of Loretto almuni at http://www.ollalumni.com/ . He is seeking contacts, photos and ideas to expand the site. “We need representatives from all classes to help build this site and at the least alumni to help spread the word.” You […]

Echo Park Home Tour Draws a Crowd

About 325 people from all over Southern California purchased tickets to take the 2006 Historic Echo Park Home Tour on Sunday, Nov. 11. The visitors came from across Southern California to trek across some our neighborhood’s steep streets and peek into 10 homes located primarily in Elysian Heights. The Echo Park Historical Society would like […]

Unversity High Seeks History Day Judges

University High School needs you to help judge projects at the Fourth Annual University High School History Day on December 6 and 7, 2006. History Day is like a science fair for history research projects that follow rigorous National History Day rules. Teams of two to three judges will interview students and evaluate projects. A […]

EPHS Board Election Results

Echo Park resident David Schnepp will join the EPHS Board of Directors as its newest member following elections held on Oct. 11. Incumbent directors Scott Fajack and Christine Peters were also re-elected. The newly elected board members will serve two-year terms beginning Jan. 1.

Echo Park Salvage Exchange

Need an old door for your old Echo Park House? Then please check the inventory of the Echo Park Salvage Exchange. The Salvage Exchange is designed to recycle low cost architectural salvage for local restoration projects. Common items such as doors and window sash and even old hardware are now available for a fraction of […]

Share Your Echo Park Memories

We’ve had so many people share their memories of the former Pioneer Market that the Echo Park Historical Society has decided to create similiar "memory books" for other significant elements of Echo Park history. In addition to Pioneer Market, we are now looking for residents to share their memories (as well as photos) of Echo […]

Market in Turmoil

I lived in Echo Park from 1988 to 1996 & frequently shopped at the Pioneer Market. Great Hispanic food, very friendly people, & much fun during holidays.But my strongest memory is from the 1992 riot following acquittal of the police involved in the Rodney King beating.I thought for sure Echo Park (& the Pioneer) were […]

After School at Pioneer

I remember going shopping with my grandma, all the time there and going home with a bunch of bag and remember hating that because we lived right on the top of Laveta Terrace. This was 1987-93 I also remember when I would go to school every morning (I went to Logan St. School)and stopping by […]

A Unique, Old Fashion Style

My memories are not that far back because I am only 23 years old.Anyhow, I still would love to share them. I remember when I was alittle girl my Mom and I would go to Pioneer Market all the time. Iwould go with my Mom like in the 80’s and she would never say no […]