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Bargain Hunters

I used to go shopping with my father at the market in 1950. I was9 years old and we would get eggs, milk, and butter. He would complainabout the price of eggs and butter, but he would always buy them. Iremember a colorful neon top on a sign; I remember the store being onthe corner […]

The “Weenermobile” Arrives

My memory of the Pioneer Market was that my mother used to take me there around 4 a.m. to avoid the crowds. We would go down the isles and shop for canned goods and we were able to take our time. Oddly, I recall the labels on the cans were very beautiful and colorful andhave […]

The Family Business

My memories started with my mother taking my brother and I down to the store every week to shop and go out to lunch with dad.  For over forty years, my mother has gone down to The Pioneer on Fridays to meet my father for lunch.  They would walk across the street to Barragan’s, where a table […]

Saturday Night Shopping

From 1969 to 1976, I used to go with my grandmother grocery shoppingevery Saturday evening. When we were done, we would get a Yellow Cabthat would park on Sunset, but not before getting a box of chicken. Myfavorite item in the store was a box of detergent that had a towelinside.–Alberto Rivas

Sharing Recipies & Memories

     Circa 1965, I stood in one of the crowded aisles in the old store, baffled by the wide range of canned chiles offered. Just then a shelf stocker came by and asked what I was looking for and I told him I wanted to make chile rellenos but didn’t know which chiles to use. A […]

The “Ramp”

I lived in the Silver Lake area, but my best friend, Linda Hersh,lived in Echo Park, and I used to visit there all the time. This wasaround 1960 – 1966. I remember the “ramp”. It skirted the meatsection. I also remember that they had great chicken. It was a long,long time ago, but I am […]

Tug of War

Well, the roof leaked every winter–but the saw dust on the floorshelped to absorb it. Standing behind the huge pillars to get to thecash register was always a challenge. For a while they were searching all of the handbags. My son oncebrought in a gadget from home. The employees had a pulling contest toget it […]

Growing Up with Pioneer

My most favorite memory is how the meat section would get flooded with water after it rained. The meat area used to be in the back or was it considered the side entrance? There would be tons of towels on the floor with many “Beware of water” signs. I also remember how Millie, one of […]

Celebrating the Art of Preservation

More than 100 people turned out for our first-ever silent art auction, ART/PRESERVATION/ ECHO PARK on Saturday, August 19. Proceeds from the event will go to supporting our ongoing preservation and historic research efforts. We would like to thank the art buyers; the businesses that donated raffle prizes and other services; and the volunteers who […]

Help Your Neighbors Do It Right!

Help us get the word out about the proper way to restore old homes that preserve their historic charm and value by distributing our Do It Right! flyer. The flyer, available in English and Spanish, encourages remodeling and renovations that protect historic features and lets property owners about available resources. You can help by passing […]