The Family Business

My memories started with my mother taking my brother and I down to the store every week to shop and go out to lunch with dad.  For over forty years, my mother has gone down to The Pioneer on Fridays to meet my father for lunch.  They would walk across the street to Barragan’s, where a table was waiting for them.  In fact, if for some reason they weren’t able to go, mom would call Irma at the restaurant so they wouldn’t hold the table.
       Working there on week-ends got me spending money, working there full-time since 1984 got me a house.  Pioneer was my home away from home.  Until its closure, my kids would come visit me, and play hid-and-seek in the warehouse.  Our family was the people who worked with us.
     Closing the store will always be one of the most difficult decisions my family will have ever made.  Life will go on, and the memories I take with me are the people who I saw on a daily basis.
    –Mike Leum

Saturday Night Shopping

From 1969 to 1976, I used to go with my grandmother grocery shopping
every Saturday evening. When we were done, we would get a Yellow Cab
that would park on Sunset, but not before getting a box of chicken. My
favorite item in the store was a box of detergent that had a towel
–Alberto Rivas