The Story of Room 8 Cat

The EPHS Quarterly meeting on Wed. May 14 at 7 pm will feature Roger Vargo and his presentation on Room 8 Cat, the feline who reigned supreme at Elysian Heights Elementary School during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Come share your Room 8 Cat stories and photos.

The meeting will be held at the Barlow Library and Barlow Hospital, 2000 Stadium way. The presentation on Room 8, which is free and open to the public, will be preceded by news and updates on historical society events and issues of interest to members.

The story of Room 8 Cat appears in Daily News

The Daily News on Wednesday will present a special feature on Room 8 Cat, the feline mascot of Elysian Heights Elementary School. Don’t miss it.

Share Your Room 8 Memories

The EPHS has set up a new memory book dedicated to Room 8 Cat, the legendary feline that served as the mascot of Elysian Heights Elementary School during the 1950s and early 1960s. Room 8 was the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles over the year as well as a children's book. Tributes to Room 8 Cat can be found on the sidewalk in front of the school and on a mural.
 We also have set up memory books for Pioneer Market and Echo Park Lake. You can post a comment to an existing memory or send us a new one to add to the books.  

A Feline Legend

Hello everyone. This is a great idea. Seems the legend of Room 8 still runs rampant. In 1961 we moved into a home located on Ewing Street. The backyard butted up against the schoolyard fence. It’s no wonder Room 8 would eventually find his way to our backyard door looking for a freebie. I still remember him vividly, his slow walk, gray hair and those big yellow eyes. He’d come by at his leisure and dine with our two family cats and actually stayed around for one full summer.He lived a great life. How many cats can say they had an entire neighborhood at their disposal for food, warmth and companionship. Here is a url that has more information on him and the location of his gravesite. There are also several photos of Room 8 and students taken by photographers during his heyday.