The Market is Gone but the Memories Remain

Although I no longer live in Echo Park, it will always hold a special place in my heart as well as Pioneer Market. I remember going there when it was the old store located right on the corner. I still remember my parent’s excitement when the new store opened up and how we went to check it out. I remember walking there to but anything from milk to tortillas to sandwiches from the deli (they were so good).
Pioneer was like a place where you were bound to bump into a classmate, neighbor, friend, or even a teacher. When I moved to West Covina, I’d make it a thing to go back when I was in the neighborhood and take advantage of the specials. I even showed my kids where I
used to live and where we used to shop for groceries. When I heard they would be closing it, it made me very sad, but things go on and the memories will forever remain in our hearts.
–Gabriela Rico-Barreto