A Unique, Old Fashion Style

My memories are not that far back because I am only 23 years old.
Anyhow, I still would love to share them. I remember when I was a
little girl my Mom and I would go to Pioneer Market all the time. I
would go with my Mom like in the 80’s and she would never say no to me
when I wanted a coloring book and crayons. They were located right in
the entrance near the liquor store.
Actually I remember getting in line at the liquor store when all
the other registers had long lines, it was way much shorter.
Pioneer Market had a lot of detailed artwork all along above the
walls. There was a cute little house with a cat outside drinking
water out of his bowl on the wall right above the deli section. It
was so cute that I always appreciated it. The market had a unique
little old fashioned style to it. Most markets are very simple and
aren’t as old as Pioneer Market was.
I made sure to take pictures of Pioneer Market before they closed down.–Maria Romo