A Feline Legend

Hello everyone. This is a great idea. Seems the legend of Room 8 still runs rampant. In 1961 we moved into a home located on Ewing Street. The backyard butted up against the schoolyard fence. It’s no wonder Room 8 would eventually find his way to our backyard door looking for a freebie. I still remember him vividly, his slow walk, gray hair and those big yellow eyes. He’d come by at his leisure and dine with our two family cats and actually stayed around for one full summer.He lived a great life. How many cats can say they had an entire neighborhood at their disposal for food, warmth and companionship. Here is a url that has more information on him and the location of his gravesite. There are also several photos of Room 8 and students taken by photographers during his heyday.

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  1. AMBY says:

    from the Burbank Library Blog:

    In yesterday’s (4-01-08) Daily News newspaper, Know section page B1, is a wonderful human interest story [cat interest is more accurate] celebrating the 40 year anniversary of the life of a school cat, named Room 8. Click here to read the article online. And the Daily News also features a neat Room 8 related photo gallery to view and has some touching comments about Room 8 by readers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Room 8 threw-up on the mat we slept on in Ms. O’Mara’s 1st grade class… I really didn’t like that cat.

  3. Shelley says:

    I remember Room 8 from the 50's. I have one of the original books about his life – signed by Room 8, Mr. Ross and Miss Finley – those were the days. The great reward was to be the Room 8 feeder – what a treat! You would get to go into the sanctum sanctorum of the Teacher's Lounge.

  4. Allan Hamilton says:

    Like thousands of other kids across the nation, I was fascinated with Room 8 too. In fact his celebrity was a big hit with a lot of my Florida classmates and he is still the ONLY cat I've ever felt a strong connection with. You should have heard how we tried to convince our teachers to let us have a "school" cat of our own! It wouldn't have been the same though…there was only one Room 8. Somewhere deep in my archives, I still have my wallet size photo portrait with Room 8's paw print on the back.

  5. Irene says:

    Hi, I entered a art contest at Elysian Heights school long ago and made a clay figure of Room 8. I still have the newspaper article, thanks Room 8

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