Although I don't have a lot of historical data, my grandfather, Issadore Liebow, started the market in the 40's, from what I recollect. When he passed away suddenly at an early age (in approx. 1955), my grandmother, Eva, was forced to sell to the investors, again from fuzzy recollections. However, we always had fond memories of our Grandma Eva telling us about those early days of operating the market, and how much it meant to her and my grandfather.
Robert M. Weller, Oak Park, CA

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  1. Burt Kleinberg says:

    My mother came to LA from Montreal PQ in 1926. “Izzy” Liebow followed her to LA but my mother married a dentist, and he married Eva, who was also from Montreal. My mother said that Izzy founded the Pioneer Market. I went to public school with their two daughters, Norma and Marilyn, and I attended Marilyn’s wedding around 1960. We visited their house on Douglas St many times when I was young, but lost touch after 1960.
    Burt Kleinberg, Carmel CA

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