Church Moves Ahead With Demo Plans

Church Demo Plans Move Ahead
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Angelus Temple has filed for permits to demolish three apartment buildings near Echo Park Lake as part of a plan to build a giant parking garage in the center of the neighborhood. The buildings, which have been emptied of residents, are located on Lemoyne (pictured) and Glendale south of Sunset Boulevard. The church has said before it wants to build a six-story garage on these and other adjacent properties to park more than 500 cars. This area is being studied for the possible creation of a historic district but it’s not clear if a recently adopted moratorium on demolitions and new constructions apply in this case. Stay tuned. Angelus Temple is the neighborhood’s largest property owner (it owns the former Calfed, now Citibank building on Sunset) and it has the power, money and land to change the look of Echo Park.

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