LAUSD To Close Marathon St.

The school district has said it will permanently close Marathon Street near Sunset Blvd. and Alvarado St. on July 9 without receiving permission from the city to do so. The school district wants to close the street to build an elementary school that will also require the demolition of more than 50 homes and apartments. The site, known as 9A, is opposed by the historical society, local neighborhood groups and Council member Eric Garcettti in light of a steep drop in enrollment, the demolition of historic resources and better suited alternative locations. The signs of the street closures were posted by the school district this week but the city was not consulted. Please contact the LAUSD school board at (213) 977-6982 to register your opposition and the office of council member Garcetti 323-957-4500 to voice your concern. More 9a.