Judge Rules Against Right Site Coalition

The judge would not make a permanent a tempory restraining order that prohibits the school district from demolishing homes on the 9A site. More info on the Chicken Corner blog.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Echo Park desperately needs a new elementary school. Having year around tracks is very hard on the kids and parents. Smaller quality schools are great for the neighborhood in the long run. Private schools are extremely expensive (over $900 per month), please give Echo Park residents more choices for a good education for their kids. I feel that people who fight building schools, don’t have kids, don’t think about the thousands of kids who will benefit from a better education there through the generations. I feel like school fighters are selfish, and don’t consider what is best for the neighborhood in the long run. For a good example of how a good school benefits the neighborhood look at Ivanhoe Elementary in Silverlake.

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