Echo Park Home Tour makes L.A. Times

The Los Angeles Times paid a visit to one of the gardens that will be featured in this Sunday’s Historic Echo Park Home Tour. Here’s what they found:

“The garden, one stop on the Eco Echo Park tour Sunday, is a compelling argument against what so many people do when they move into a new home: Rip out the landscape and start over. When Beavers bought his house a decade ago, he knew he needed time to get acquainted with it.

“Something special had gone on here,” he says, “but I had to wait a while to find out what it was.”

While he waited, there was work: He spent the first year hauling some things out ­— trees, rocks, dead plants — but he left terraces built by a succession of owners. That included a patio at the house level, trellised by a grapevine.

Then he began hauling in native stone, which he used to build dry-stacked walls. He brought in more stone for paving, which he dry-laid in sand, to allow water to seep into the soil. He built a dry stream bed for capturing runoff.”

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