“The Cut” — The History of Sunset Boulevard

This post is a new video derived from a story that originally appeared at TheEastsiderLa.com. It is also linked to at www.myhistoricla.org as part of the SurveyLA effort to document the History of Echo Park. If you like, you can register at www.myhistoricla.org so you can vote on “The Cut” and other potential historic resources in Echo Park in order to call citywide attention to the unique history of Echo Park.

“The Cut”

“The Cut” refers to the sandstone cliffs along Sunset Boulevard between Waterloo St. and Coronado St that have marked the western boundary of Echo Park since 1887, when engineers for the Ostrich Farm Railway blasted a path through the hills northwest of downtown to deliver customers to the new Ostrich Farm in Griffith Park.
Take a gander, and if you’d like to know more about the history of “The Cut,” check out the original article on TheEastsiderLa.com and if you’d like to make sure the City of Los Angeles and the Office of Historic Resources knows about “The Cut,” register at www.myhistoricla.org and vote.