Spring Quarterly Meeting: Help us uncover the history of Washington Heights

Those familiar with Echo Park history have most likely heard of  Angeleno Heights and Elysian Heights. But what about Washington Heights? The Washington Heights Tract includes a handful of blocks northwest of Sunset Boulevard and Alvarado Street. Located on a sloping parcel of land, Washington Heights rises from the brick storefronts of Sunset Boulevard to some large and impressive Craftsman-style homes on Elsinore and Reservoir streets. Who named and subdivided Washington Heights? To be truthful, we don’t know! That’s why the Echo Park Historical Society is launching a project to uncover the history and stories of Washington Heights.

If you live in Washington Heights (see boundaries below) or have any photos, documents or other information to share, please join us at our Spring Quarterly Meeting on Wednesday, March  28 at 7 p.m. at the Echo Park United Methodist Church, 1226 Alvarado Street. We will meet in the dining room, which is accessible through the parking lot facing Reservoir Street. 

We will be making copies of photographs and other documents and recording any other Washington Heights information you might have. In addition to discussing and sharing the history of Washington Heights, the EPHS will also update you on our other ongoing projects. The meeting is free and open to the public but we ask that you RSVP.

The Washington Heights Tract is bounded by Sunset Boulevard on the south, Reservoir Street on the north; Alvarado on the east and properties on the western side of Waterloo Street. Of course we welcome photos, documents and stories from properties nearby.  


View Washington Heights Tract in a larger map