The History of Washington Heights, Echo Park

The 3rd installment in the documentary series, “The History of Sunset Boulevard” covers the history of the Washington Heights tract, the residential section as well as the commercial district along Sunset Boulevard.  

The impending demolition of the Anna Zacsek Cottage and related buildings has spurred concern for the remainder of historic Sunset Boulevard as it winds its way through Echo Park. 

It is also linked to at as part of the SurveyLA effort to document the History of Los Angeles. Please register at so you can vote for the Washington Heights Tract and other potential historic resources in Echo Park in order to call citywide attention to the unique history of Echo Park.

The Washington Heights section of Echo Park was laid out in 1887, between Reservoir Street on the north, Waterloo St. on the West,  Marathon on the South and Alvarado on the east.

The earliest residence is believed to date to 1887, though most of the residences date from 1890 to 1915.

Sunset Boulevard runs through the middle of the Washington Heights tract and the commercial district along Sunset dates to 1910’s and 20’s, though the oldest commercial building dates to 1907, when an existing structure was added upon to build the K9 Loft.

This stretch of Sunset Boulevard allows one to see the semi-rural Los Angeles of the 19th century alongside the beginnings of modern, 20th century Los Angeles.

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